Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Home Schooling in the Raw - Teaching Kindness

One thing that I am sure most parents have dealt with, is the sometimes embarrassing honesty of kids. This has been an ongoing issue with our seven year old and we have been looking for creative ways to encourage kindness in her.

We had tried several approaches and she was still saying things we just did not want her saying. The biggest thing was her commenting on people's body sizes. We tried telling her that people come in all shapes and sizes, we tried telling her words can hurt people and it still just did not seem to be sinking in.

One day, after another embarrassing comment, I came up with the idea of making it a school lesson. I took some time and I searched pinterest. I found several pages that we did with her. I turned a week it into a week of studies and one of our final projects was making cards and handing them out to random people we met along our walk.

It seems to have been a huge success. She loved giving away those cards and I kept encouraging her each time. Reminding her that her words were making people smile, that she was making people feel happy and she was doing a good deed.

I am hoping that we have gotten it under control, if not I will do this exercise again. It was great to be able to have a life lesson also tie in with her schooling.

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