Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekly meal plan

Lunch - Chicken nuggets and apple slices
Dinner - Steak, baked beans and grilled veggies
Snack - yogurt

Lunch - mini pizzas and salads
Dinner - eggs, toast and fruit
Snack - applesauce

Lunch - grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches with tomato soup
Dinner - grilled chicken breast, cottage cheese and veggies
Snack - pears

Lunch - chicken nuggets and carrot sticks
Dinner - Spaghetti and meatballs with garlic toast
Snack - yogurt

Lunch - Mac and cheese and carrot sticks
Dinner - meatloaf, rice and green beans
Snack - apple slices

Lunch - gone
Dinner - french toast, scrambled eggs and fruit
Snack - granola bars

Lunch - grilled hot dogs, cottage cheese and carrot sticks
Dinner - chili
Snack - watermelon

Craft a week challenge!!

I am a very crafty person. I knit, sew, scrapbook, make tutus, bows and more. I have a ton of half finished projects and even more on my to do list. So I have made a goal for myself. Starting last week until the end of the year I want to make one craft a week and I will be blogging about each project to keep myself honest.

Here is last weeks craft. Amelia's first birthday invites. These were easy, I took the pictures, printed wallets at walmart, got the card paper and stickers at a scrapbook store and my mom printed out the information and look who's 1 banner. Then it was just a matter of cut and paste. I love them!


Next project - small bows for my curly haired two year old.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekly meal plan

Meal plan 5/21 - 5/26 
Lunch - sandwiches and chips 
Dinner - Mac and cheese and carrot sticks 
Snack - yogurt 

Tuesday: Lunch - cheese quesadillas, carrots and dip 
Dinner - meatloaf, rice and green beans 
Snack - apple sauce 
Wednesday: Lunch - chicken nuggets, celery and dip 
Dinner - nacho bake 
Snack - apples and peanut butter

Thursday: Lunch - grilled cheese and tomato soup 
Dinner - grille chicken breast, grilled veggies and rolls
Snacks - orange slices 

Friday: Lunch - scrambled eggs and fruit 
Dinner - Veggie beef soup and rolls 
Snack - cottage cheese 

Saturday: will be gone all day 

Sunday: lunch - chicken alfredo with broccoli 
Dinner - eggs, bacon, toast and fruit 
Snack - yogurt

Friday, May 4, 2012

Kairi's story

My name is Kairi Walters, I live in Knoxville, IA, I am two years old and I have lead poisoning. My mommy and daddy found out almost a year ago that I have an elevated lead level. When we found out my lead level had reached 49. For those that do not understand what that number means, my lead level had reached a very dangerous level. The level I had was in the category of Medical evaluation, chelation and case management. Lucky for me so far my levels have been dropping without medicine but they are still elevated. At my last check it was 23. My doctor, mommy and daddy have been trying to treat my lead poisoning with a proper diet. So far it is working but working slowly. We had a lead inspector come to our house to find out what was making me sick. He told us we have high levels of lead in our home and that was the cause. Even though the house we live in had been gutted and remodeled about fifteen years ago after a fire there was still lead in the house from things that did not get remodeled. There is lead all over the outside, in some of the windows and some of the wall inside as well. My daddy had been working on the outside of the house before he knew about the lead, scraping and painting and this caused the lead dust and chips to get all over the place. This a long with lead on the window ledge in our living room is most likely what made me sick. I am currently in speech therapy and we do not know if the lead caused any other problems and we won't know until I am bigger. Now my mommy and daddy are working hard to make my home safe. They have already put new windows in the living room but do not have any more money to do the rest of the repairs. My daddy lost his job last year and he just got a new job a couple months ago. My mommy and daddy have been searching for grants to help make our home safe and so far they have found out that there is nothing where we live. They really want to make the house safe for me, my brother and sisters. This is only the beginning of my story, I have a long road ahead of me while I heal from the poison that was in my body. My mommy and daddy will continue doing all they can to find ways to make our house safe. Photobucket

Giving up meal planning ( this time for good )

After several months of taking a lot of time to make it, and still not following the meal plan I made,  I have decided to give up on meal pl...