Friday, November 4, 2016

Home Schooling in the Raw - Keeping Little Ones Busy

One of the biggest challenges we have in our daily home schooling lives involves a certain little two year old. She is as adorable as they come but when it comes to schooling, she can be a rather large pest.


I tried keeping her entertained with toys, cartoons and coloring but it did not last long. I knew I needed to come up with something and fast. Every time I would ask the kids to go get their school books, she would toddle along and ask, "Where's mine"?

The solution I came up with was making her a busy box. I found a cardboard box at target for $3, it was plain and I figured it would be perfect to let her decorate and keep all her items in it.
I started with buying dot markers, kumon sticker books, a block puzzle, early learning abc sticker books, crayons and stickers.

I wrote her name on the top and let her have fun decorating it. She spent most of the afternoon decorating her box while I did classes with her siblings.

The sticker books are her favorite for sure. She calls them her stickies. If you let her, she will sit down and do an entire sticker book at a time. It is great for keeping her entertained during school but it is going to start adding up price wise if I have to keep buying sticker books every week! 

We also recently redid our front porch. One of the things we added was a book shelf and each child has a shelf with their things on it. The bottom shelf is Cassandra's. It holds her blocks, her busy box, puzzles and a pull toy. I have found that if I sit on the floor and do school with the kids, she will sit quietly next to us and play with her toys on that shelf. 

I am glad that I have found ways to keep her entertained but still let her be involved in our school day. She is picking up on some of the lessons I am doing, learning her shapes and colors quickly and starting to know a few letters by sight.

Stay tuned for the next post in this series! It will be coming soon. 

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