Friday, December 16, 2011

Lack of compassion

I am sure by know that everyone knows that the Duggar family lost their last child. I do not watch the show or any reality television show but I do enough about the family to know this was a devastating loss to them.

I have to say over the last couple days I have seen comments about this subject that sicken me. I can not believe how many cruel and down right sick things I have seen people post. I think that the human race has lost compassion and honestly I think people get a sick sense of satisfaction over the cruel things they say about others.

This poor family is grieving the death of their child, they lost a baby and in this time of need they do not need to be ridiculed and belittled. I do not care what you think of how many kids they have, if you think they should stop having babies or anything else for that matter. This family deserves compassion and kindness. They deserve nothing but your sorrow for the loss of the child they will never get to know.

I lost a baby in 2010, mine was an early miscarriage so I did not have to actually deliver my child the way Mrs. Duggar did but I do know the pain of loss. The heartbreak that comes with the death of a baby. They ache you feel in your heart for the child you do not get to raise. All the what ifs and how comes that go through your mind. I was a wreck for months and to this day I can not talk about without sadness and often tears. I have other children but that does not stop me from hurting over the loss of that child.

My heart goes out to their family in there time of need and my prayers are with them

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