Monday, October 3, 2016

Tis the Season

The dreaded cold and flu season is upon us, unfortunately for the Walters' house hold, we have already caught our first bug.

It all started with Amelia, last Friday we were at my parent's house trying to get ready for a camping trip we were going to take. I was outside with my Dad when Amelia just started screaming, holding her stomach, and telling us how much it hurt. We were going to take her to the ER because it hurt around her navel, a tell tale sign of appendicitis. We got just down the block and she calmed down and said it did not hurt as much anymore. So, I turned around and went back. She fell asleep on my mom's lap when we got home, so I let her rest for awhile before waking her.

I tried to get her to eat after I woke her and she was not that interested in food. She tried to go play outside with her siblings and within just a few minutes, the pain was back. This time I took her to the ER, something was just not right.

They ran some tests on her but could not find a cause for her pain. At this time, we were still thinking it could be her appendix ( and so were they ) so they sent us home and told us to watch her. We were back the next day, she was worse. Still, they had no explanation to what was wrong with my daughter. The second trip was not a great one, I will spare you all the details as it will just lead into a rant.

By late that night, she was running a very high temperature, the highest was 104 and was just acting very, very sick. I opted to take her back, yet again, this time to a new hospital. They ran additional tests on her, still thinking it could be her appendix and yet again, they were clean. So we are left with a diagnoses of a virus.

This is the strangest virus I have ever seen. No throwing up or unpleasantness of the other variety, just extreme stomach pain all around her navel, no appetite tiredness and a high temperature. Anyone that is a parent can imagine just how tiring and scary this has all been.

I still was not fully sure it was a virus, I mean a stomach virus without the normal issues, that is just everyone else is still healthy. Yeah...eating my words now.

Monday swings around, Amelia is still running a low grade fever, still grumpy, has mild pain but is finally starting to eat some again. By Monday at lunch, Cassandra also has a fever and stomach pain. My first thought, " Well I guess that shows it is viral....". She spent much of the day sleeping.

While we was sleeping, I tried to get some things done. ( adding some humor to this post now )

Let me set the scene for you. You are rushing around, trying to get a lot done while your sick toddler sleeps. You are already exhausted because your five year old has been sick for days. Now that you have two kids sick, you know your time to get anything done is very limited. So you run down stairs, trying to get laundry switched between loads of dishes.

 You don't switch the light on because you will just be there for a second. So the room is semi dark and you see eyes staring at have a mini heart attack and go back up stairs to switch the light on....only to see it is a plastic owl that just about made you meet your maker.

Late Monday night, we are all settled in, Cassandra and Amelia were segregated the best I could ( hard with that many kids running around ).

 Kairi was coloring and Chris and I were playing a board game with the older kids. Kairi had been acting a little funny but I really thought she was just sleepy, I was wrong. She is now sick and so is Alex. So 4/5 Walters kids are now sick with a very, very nasty virus. Here is to hoping it stops there!

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