Monday, October 10, 2016

Room Redo

Chris and I recently decided that instead of trying to sell the house we have, we were going to refinance and slowly redo several rooms in the house.

The first room we did was Alexzander's room. He had been upstairs in the back room. While he did have his own room, it did not have a door. It was just separated by a small hallway. Since he is getting older, he wanted more privacy and we wanted to give him more of his own space, away from his sisters.

Three years ago, we surprised him on his seventh birthday but completely redoing his room when he was gone for the weekend. Here is his old room.


We wanted to go with the same theme, he loves star wars. We also wanted to make it look a little more grown up for him.

The room we converted was a small office space. It is only about 10x10 but it was a very open space. I have limited floor room to work with but lots of wall space. We needed to paint, install a door and replace the flooring. We wanted to do his room without spending a ton of money, so the trick was finding things we already had, updating and finding great sales!


We started with the floor and walls . Chris picked up everything we needed at Menards, we spent under $70 to do the flooring. First step was ripping out the carpet and removing the hundreds of staples.


While we had the carpet removed, we painted. No sense in laying a new floor before the walls are done! We actually still had a lot of paint left from the first time we did his room. So no extra cost there!



The floor went so fast, I was amazed. Chris and I worked together and had the whole thing done in around an hour. He did need to add some extra trim, there was a gap between the floor and were the trim was. This was an easy fix, he just bought some cheap edging ( this was already included in floor cost above ), cut it and stained it himself.

Once the floor was installed it was a matter of getting everything in the room. We opted for a loft bed. This would give him extra floor space and a place to put his toys. We found a nice bed on craigslist for $60, we already had the mattress from his old bed.

He did need a dresser ($40), shelf ($15),  curtain ( $12), we used toy storage we already had, repurposed a white shelf by painting it blank, spray painted his heat vent cover black to make it match and used mostly decorations we already had. Chris did find a couple great new additions at a flea market ($25 ).

The doors were the last thing we needed. Since the space was large, we opted for accordian doors. I ordered two from amazon ( $70 ).

The final results -




                                       ( note, I swear the shelf is not actually crooked, the picture is ) 



I feel like we really did a great job on this space. His room is updated, he has a fun space of his own and we did it very cheaply. A grand total of $292 was spent to update his space.

Be looking for more posts like this, we are still redoing the little room upstairs. It will be a space for Amelia and Cassandra, redoing our front porch, living room, bathroom an our bedroom. Great things are happening at the Walters' house.

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