Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Homeschooling In The Raw - Introduction

I have had a series in mind for my blog for awhile now. I just have yet to had the time to sit down and really work out the details of what I wanted to write. Being a home schooling mom, that is always a topic that I personally like to read about, so I thought why not start my own series! So welcome to Homeschooling In The Raw. I will be posting weekly about different homeschooling struggles, successes and just the normal, real life of a homeschooling family. 

As most of you already know, if you are long term readers, ( if you are new welcome!! ), I am Whitney, wife of Chris and mother to five amazing kids. Chris and I chose homeschooling before Alexzander was even born. This is something we are very committed to.

Alexzander is our oldest and our only boy. He is ten and started fifth grade this year. His favorite subjects are reading and science. He really enjoys books like Call of The Wild, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and anything Minecraft related.
We are doing an in-depth study of the planet earth this year.  I actually wrote the guide myself. He is really enjoy it so far.
We do have some struggles with him. He can be a procrastinator and fights getting his school done at times. Time management is an area we need to work on with him. This seems to be most evident when we do math class.


Destiny is our oldest daughter, she is nine and started fourth grade this year. Her favorite subjects are art and creative writing. Destiny truly is a budding artist, she has some serious talent. This year she started art lessons with my husband's uncle, who is an artist and has taught students in the past. She is doing so well!  I think the main reason she likes the creative writing so much is because of the drawing that goes along with it.
Destiny struggles in math. She has come leaps and bounds but math is her least favorite course. She also is not as avid as a reader as her older brother. She enjoys it but is happier drawing or painting.


Kairi is seven and she is in first grade. She is an eager learner and really enjoys all her school. I think her strongest area right now is math. She is a very early reader but is coming along well in her lessons. Her biggest struggle seems to be language arts and learning all of the many rules of the English language.
She is a very hands on learner. She loves cutting, pasting, coloring and crafting.


Amelia is five, she is in Kindergarten. I was not sure on starting Kindergarten this year, I had thought about doing another year of preschool, she turned five in June and just seemed so little for kindergarten. She, like Kairi, is also a very eager learner and we did several placement tests to see if she was ready for the work and she is. We are working on learning to read, she is doing amazing.
I bought her R.E.A.D ( https://craftyclassroom.com/product/r-e-a-d-curriculum-notebook/ ) from crafty classroom and she loves it. Crafty class room has a lot of great things, I suggest checking them out.

Our youngest, Cassandra, is two. We really do not do any structured learning at this age. Keeping her entertained during school is a struggle at times but that is going to be post number two ( coming soon so be watching ).


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