Friday, May 27, 2011

What is it about the breast?

So after hearing yet another women tell me she had a nursing picture deleted by facebook I have been sitting here thinking all day, really what is it about the breast? What is it about a nursing mother that makes people act so oddly? Why are we so offended by a breast.

Honestly you can not walk into a store that sells adult clothing without seeing several pictures of women half dressed, walking by a victoria's secrets makes me cover my son's eyes ( yes I seriously do this ) yet very few people seem to be offended by this. Really have we become so over sexed that the only thing that breasts are good for is selling over priced lacy bras?

I can remember a trip we took to the zoo last summer, there was a mother sea lion sitting on a rock, nursing her baby. Of course everyone thought it was so sweet and snapped pictures. One of the same people who did this walked by a mother sitting on a near by bench, nursing her newborn and was disgusted by it. I heard her lean over to the person she was with and make comments on how disgusting it was that she was sitting right in public for everyone to see. It took everything in me not to say something to her.

I myself have been targeted due to a nursing picture, I was targeted by someone I trusted and it was one of the most hurtful experiences I have had. Speaking from experience I can say that I do not think people really know how hurtful it is to target a women because she is nursing. It does not matter if they are asked to leave a public place or if they are harassed about a picture they have posted online or have in their homes the feeling you are left with is a really horrible one. You are left feeling like you are doing something wrong or dirty because you are wanting to breast feed, using your breasts in a way designed by God to nourish your child.

Americans as a whole need to take a serious step back and look at the way they react over nursing in general. The stigma over nursing in public needs to stop and a women should never be made to feel poorly for wanting photographs of her nursing experience or for nursing her child while she is in public.

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