Monday, May 23, 2011

Raising girls

I know that every child is different but I really did not know how different little girls can be from one another until having two of my own. It is really amazing to watch how my girls differ from each other.

My oldest daughter, Destiny is pretty much as girly as they come and she has been this way since she was born. She has always been attracted to frills, bows and shoes. She loves pink, lace and babies. I can remember her loving shoes since before she was a year old. We have actually gotten her one or two pair of new shoes as part of her birthday present every year because she loves shoes so much. She pretty much lives in dresses, loves hair bows and head bands and loves to play dress up. She very much so has the princess personality.



Then there is my younger daughter, Kairi. She is not into frills or girly things. She does not like wearing shoes or socks and is most happy if I let her run around nude. She would rather play in the dirt then play dress up, rips out a hair bow faster then you can put them in and has little to no interest in all the girly things her sister loves. She is way more rough and tumble then her sister ever has been.


We are currently expecting our fourth child, our third girl and I am really excited to see how different she is from the other two. It seems like right now the other two are polar opposites so it will be exciting to see how Amelia will fit into the mix.

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  1. We feel so blessed to finally have a girl of our own. DH said he wouldn't mind a housefull of little girls. Your daughters are precious. Enjoy each and every minute!



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