Friday, January 20, 2017

My thoughts for today

This is likely the only political post you see from me. I am not one that posts on these topics because personally, I just do not like to talk politics. This is not directed at any one person, so please don't feel singled out. This is just me, expressing my feelings during the turmoil we all seem to be facing.

I have friends on both sides and I hope that you know I love you all but so many things I see today ( again from both sides ) are just making me feel so disheartened.

If you are unhappy about the election results, you are allowed those feelings. You are allowed to voice them the way you please as long as you are not wishing ill on others, wanting to see people die or things of that nature. I can not even count the number of comments that came cross different news stories that I was reading were people were actually wishing death on the new President or Vice President. I am disgusted by this, these men have families, these men are people.

You want to protest, peacefully, have at it. You have that right but the moment you start destroying things, you are no longer a protester, you are a vandal and deserve to be punished for your actions. Throwing bricks at windows, throwing bricks at police officers. It is just disgusting behavior.

Those on both sides that are posting things on social media and saying things that no one should say about another person, you really should stop. You are only hurting people. You claim you love all your friends, regardless of who they voted for, then prove it by watching your words. The things you post can and do hurt others and this is not okay.

Those that are celebrating the election. If you are being cruel in your words, name calling the other side and being hateful, you need to take a long hard look in the mirror because what you are doing is nothing more than petty behavior that does nothing to make your side look better. We are all Americans, we are all people and we all should be lifting each other up. We all need to help our fellow man. People on all sides, if you truly want a great America, it does not start in the White House, it starts with you, in your heart. The way we treat each other makes all the difference.

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