Friday, January 13, 2017

Home Schooling in the Raw - After a break

I know that many families are like us and are just getting back into a normal routine after the holidays. We took a two week break for Christmas and Monday was our first day back to school.
This week was rough, my kids were not wanting to settle back into their school routine and every day we had one issue or another with getting them to get their work done. The worst offender was my five year old. Amelia was not ready for her winter break to be over. She was not wanting to sit and do her work and all week long it seemed like I was having to tell her the same things over and over again.

Monday was met with much groaning. None of the Walters' kids were real excited to get their work done. Kairi and Amelia did seem to really enjoy the new science lessons we have started ( you can find what we are doing on my blog, it is a unit study on the animals of Iowa ) and Alex and Destiny are enjoying the books they started. Alex is ready James and the Giant Peach and Destiny is reading Peter Pan. We did manage to get school done at a decent hour, I did expect it would take longer since they were still not on schedule. The week rolled on, it seemed like each day got a little better and was met with less grumbling than the day before.

Break times are a lot of fun but each time we break, I am reminded why we do not take the whole summer off! It is hard to get back on track.

I am thankful that is Friday! We made it through the week, all the required work is done and here is to hoping our next week is better, I think they are finally readjusted to their school schedule.

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