Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Keep those kiddos safe in the car

With winter well on its way ( or already there for many of us ) I just wanted to take the time to write a little bit on the importance of car seat safety in the winter.

Make sure your car seat is properly installed before you hit the road this winter. If you are unsure if you car seat is properly installed, take it to a professional. Many fire stations and police stations will do this for free.

Never leave a heavy winter coat on in the car seat. This is not safe at all. Car seat straps are suppose to be snug against your child, if you leave a coat on the straps can loosen and in the event of an accident your child can be seriously injured or even killed. Only have your child wear the same clothing they would be wearing inside the house when they are buckled into their car seats. If you are worried about your child staying warm you can put their coat on backwards once they are buckled in, give them a blanket or buy a car seat poncho.

Here is to keeping our kids safe and warm all winter long!

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