Thursday, December 15, 2016

Home Schooling in the Raw - Keeping History Fun

My kids are blessed with two parents who really love history, and of course what I mean by blessed I mean two parents that like to talk way to much about subjects that they probably are not very interested in. Luckily, this is something we both know we are guilty of and we are trying to find ways to keep history fun for the kids.

Right now we are using the Story of the World , along with the activity book for Alexzander and Destiny's history class.  They do enjoy listening to the story but the map work and color pages in the activity book can get a little repetitive. Luckily, it does come with a lot of extra activities you can do ( they are written in the front of the book, along with study questions.

I think the favorite extra we have done so far with the kids was making clay cross necklaces. It was a very fun, yet simple project! All we needed was clay ( get the kind you bake ) and leather cord. They shaped and cut their cross to look the way they wanted, while I talked about how Monks would have made the crosses, why they used those materials and the history behind Monks. They had fun, learned a lot and no have a fun necklace to wear.


We have made food that would have been eaten in the time periods they were learning about, made paper dolls and were sure to look up what the clothing they wore would have looked like, made replica crowns and so much more.

We also will watch videos to learn more and keep history interesting for the kids. If they learn about something they really like learning, we will break from the book and spend some time studying that certain subject.

That is one of the best parts of home schooling, we can adapt and change what we need.

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