Thursday, December 22, 2016

Happy Birthday in Heaven

I have written about my Grandma  few times over the last few months, as most of you know, I lost my Grandma this year to cancer. She died in September and I have missed her terribly.

The grief has been a bit harder this month. Not only is it Christmas but my birthday and my Grandma's birthday both fall in December.

I have found the little things are the hardest, like not getting that birthday phone call, not addressing a Christmas card to her, not buying her a gift. Each time these little things have happened, my heart just felt pained. I miss her so badly.

Her birthday is December 23rd, all week long I have been thinking about my Grandma. I so wish I could just pick up the phone tomorrow and wish her a happy birthday, I wish I could be sending her some flowers or a new book to read. Instead I only have my memories, pictures and things that were hers to comfort me now.

So Happy Birthday in heaven Grandma, even though I always miss you, I miss you just a little more this day.


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