Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A reminder to be kind

Christmas is just around the corner and while this time of year is very joyous for many, it brings a lot of heart ache and pain to others.

Every single day you pass someone who is struggling and you may not even now it. Reaching out to those around you is especially important around the Holiday season.

I teach my kids to be giving all through out the year but we take time to do special things around Christmas, we want to make sure our children see just how important being kind to others is and just how easy it is to touch a life, there are so many simple things you can do that would mean so much to someone else.

I have included a small list of some simple things you can do to make someone else feel special -

1. Visit them
- If you know someone that is lonely this season, take the time to go and see them. Bring a batch of freshly made Christmas cookies and some hot chocolate, sit and visit with them. This little gesture takes little more than just your time and would mean the world to that person.

2. Give a little gift
- You don't even have to say it was from you. Wrap something and leave it in their car, on their front steps or somewhere else you know they are sure to get it

3. Write a letter
- Don't just send a generic Christmas card, take the time to write a letter to those that are far from you. Include an updated picture of your family.

- Take the time to do some random acts of kindness this season. Pay for a strangers coffee, pass out flowers to people you don't know, just do something kind and unexpected.

5. Invite someone to your home
- Know someone without family or friends to spend Christmas with? Invite them to your house, spread the love that this holiday season is truly about.

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