Saturday, October 24, 2015

Indoor winter fun ideas

Winter is well on it's way here in Iowa which means I need to buckle down and come up with a list of indoor fun for my kids. Having a daughter with a cold allergy ( ) means that our outdoor times becomes very limited once the cold season is here.

In our small town, there is only two places you can go for indoor activity. The play place at our local DQ and our Rec Center. The pool at the rec center is too cold for Kairi but we may still use the gym. We do take advantage of the DQ play area at least a couple times a month.

We also bought a personal sized trampoline to help the kids burn some energy. If you do this, I suggest reading a lot of reviews before you buy one. I am not overly pleased with the one we bought, it does the trick but it has flaws that I am not happy about.

We also bought a family pass to the science center, which I plan on using a lot. I won't go out on days that are below a certain temp, it is just not worth the risk to Kairi but on our warmer winter days, we will be spending time at the science center.

Since a lot of winter time will be spent at home, indoors, I have to find ways to stop cabin fever from setting in. Movies and board games only entertain for so long before I have stir crazy children who need something to do.

I have a small list of activities so far, this list will grow as the season progresses and I would love to get other ideas from people.

Winter fun for 2015 -
Craft days
Snow painting ( indoors )
Plastic cup bowling

That is all I have decided on so far! As you can tell I need a lot more!

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