Monday, October 1, 2012

Wk 18 and 19

I was sick recently so I missed a post but I did have a craft done to post about so I will just include both weeks in this post.

Week 18

I have been busy making stuff lately, I am trying to use up a lot of what I have on hand to make some money for some other items I am wanting to make but need supplies for. I had some really cute fabrics instock so I made a couple bow boards up.

I also made a Halloween inspired newborn tutu dress with some tulle I had on hand.


Week 19

My mom and I scrapbook together, I have fallen really far behind on my kids books, I am actually still working on my six year olds first year of life ( Yeah I am slacking ). Anyway I was able to get several pages done and wanted to show off a couple.


Next week will hopefully be Destiny's Halloween costume, I am hoping my supplies get here soon! If not I will make something!

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