Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meal plan 3/30-4/14

Trying to change things up a bit so there are several new recipes we are trying to time around, I have included links for you.

Wednesday - chicken, potatoes and carrots
Thursday - chicken alfredo and broccoli
Friday - chicken and black bean burritos
Saturday - grill night
Sunday - roast sandwiches and veggies
Monday - dinner sausage, fries and carrot sticks
Tuesday - italian white bean soup and french bread
Wednesday - grilled cheese and tomato soup
Thursday - fagioli pasta
Friday - cheeseburger pie and veggies
Saturday - ravioli and garlic toast
Sunday - cheeseburger ring and veggies
Monday - pancakes, eggs and fruit
Tuesday - cheddar dogs, french fries and veggies
Wednesday - lasagna pie and veggies
Thursday - cheese quesadillas, re-fried beans and rice

Let me know if you try anything out and if you like it!!

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