Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Best bottom diapers

When I first heard about the hybrid style diaper I really was not at all interested. I just did not like the thought of unsnapping an insert once it had been peed on. Then I got an offer to get some best bottom diapers in trade and I thought why not, if I don't like them then I will just sell them. I have to say once I got them I was really happy with them. They fit really well, are trim and the liners I have absorb really well. I usually change the liner in Kairi's cover every 1.5- 2 hrs and she has yet to soak it to the point that it is fully saturated. Since getting the couple I got in that trade I have went on to purchase several more liners and covers from FSOT on diaperswappers. I plan on using them for Amelia when she is born this summer also.

Action shot-

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