Thursday, February 3, 2011

Home schooling- dealing with unwanted advice

My son is about to turn five which has started the long line of people asking him if he is excited to go to school, of course then I have to explain that my children are home schooled. While I have been lucky and most people have nothing negative to say, I have run into a few people that thought they needed to give advice on why I should not home school my children, while I find this a little upsetting and rude I have been able to remain civil and never let them get under my skin.

I think the worst thing I have ever dealt with was when my son was actually just a baby, I was at a family gathering on my husband's side and one of his relatives was talking to me about Alex, the conversation started out pretty normally, just asking about how he was doing and normal questions that you would ask about a baby. Then for some reason she asked if we were going to use preschool for him. I told her we would not using the public school system at all because we are going to home school him. That is when she told me I really should think about putting him in school, how she knew home schooled children that were socially backwards and school is vital to his social development, he needs to have friends and kids make most of their friends in school. I let her finish what she was saying and went on to explain how I was hom schooled in middle and high school, was able to make many friends still and it in no way hurt me socially. Home schooling gave me the chance to learn at my pace, in a way that was best suited to me and take classes that were not offered at the school in my town. I went on to graduate at 16 and then work full time for two years before I got married and started my family. After hearing this she quickly changed the subject and I dropped it.

I am not sure why people think they need to give their advice or views on the educational choices my husband and I are making for our kids but I know that it will continue and will probably get worse as they get older. The best thing to so is remain polite when unwanted advice is given, offer facts when questions are asked and show them why home schooling is the best choice for our family.

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