Monday, July 19, 2010

The death of a pet

So we had to have the death talk with our kids today. Last night we had to put down our almost three year old kitty Toby. He was acting very ill and my husband took him to the ER vet and it was soon discovered that he had feline leukemia.

My husband decided he wanted to be the one to talk to the kids so he sat them both down and explained that Toby had died. Since they are only almost three and four years old I really do not think they understand. Destiny was upset and just asked if he was coming home. My husband explained he got very sick and that he was in heaven now. He would not be coming home. Alexzander seemed to grasp it a little bit better then Destiny did but I do not think he really understands completely, he has been asking us to get another cat.

We have been taking care of a stray that wandered into our yard, we are going to take her in for testings and shots and then try bringing her into the house. She is a really sweet, good with the kids and really friendly. I am just praying for a clean bill of health for her.

RIP Toby, you are greatly missed!


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