Monday, December 28, 2009

Already planning for next year

Even though Christmas just happened I am already planning for next year. I have big plans for next Christmas and it is going to take me a year to get it all done.

I know for sure I am expanding what I knit and more people will be getting knitted items from me. This year my mom made all us kids a beautiful blanket, they were a huge hit and I am thinking of making a couple for gifts next year. I know they took her a long time so I better get to work on them now. Plus I have a lot of other projects in mind, including longies and hudson hats.

What I do not make I am going to try to find on clearance. If I shop all year it should make it so much easier to finish closer to Christmas. Even though I do not like the thought of getting up early, I do plan on black Friday shopping next year, Chris did this year and it saved us a lot of money!

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  1. Another thing I saw, and that we're doing is each kid will only get 4 gifts from us. It saves on whining about who got more (James noticed this year) and it'll save us money. They'll get Something they want, Something they need, Something to play and Something to read. Their want will be ONE toy, need will probably be clothes or something, play will be a board game or something (dunno what it'll be for Emmett), something to read will be a book (duh?). Then they'll have their bigger gift from Santa of course.



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