Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It is Time to Love Our Fellow Man

I think that everyone knows that we are living in a very broken world filled to the brim with a lot of broken people. While I know that no one person can save the world, I do know that if every single person did just a little more, we could make our world such a better place.

All it takes is a quick stop on face book and you can find people in need, angry people, sad people, lonely people. People angry about politics, people angry about their work, people angry about their home life. Sad people, people who feel unwanted, unneeded and unloved. Lonely people, people desperate for anyone to notice them, need them, love them, give them a simple gesture of human kindness.

I see so many people blaming all the world's problems on this politician, that politician, this law, that law, this program or that program. When what we need to all be doing is taking a deep look inside ourselves and saying what can "I" do to help. How can "I" change my community, how "I" help my fellow mankind?

Honestly, the answer is so simple. No, you can not save everyone, no you can not change the lives of everyone but you can help someone and that help could mean everything to that person. You can reach out.

If someone is hungry, feed them. Programs are wonderful, if you yourself can not send someone a meal, donate your money to a program, volunteer your time or make food to bring to a program. If you can make someone a meal, make enough for them to either eat with your family or eat with them. Not only would you be feeding their body but you can feed their need for interaction. Show them love, kindness and respect. Never judge why they are in a needy place, just reach out and help.

If someone needs clothing, dress them. Almost every single person I know can afford to let go of some clothing. I know for a fact that in my household, we have extra and we are bagging stuff up for donation. Instead of goodwill or a thrift shop, give directly to a needy family, call your local churches and see if they know someone they can give it to, take it to a homeless shelter or a food pantry.

If someone needs a hug, hug them. I recently stopped at the table of a complete stranger and I hugged them. They were crying, alone at a coffee shop table. My heart ached for them, so I took the time and I sat with them, I did my best to offer comfort, compassion and I gave them a big hug. They thanked my over and over again. The words they said as I left, stuck with me. "Thank you for noticing and stopping. Most people would have just walked by." What a sad truth that is, most people would just walk by. We have to stop walking by, we need to stop and notice the pain all around us. Stop and notice when people just need someone to stop and notice them.


  1. Amen. If people would step up, we could do so much. Taking a meal, helping a mom fold laundry, giving hugs....All very simple things that anyone can do.



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