Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Home Schooling in the Raw - Teaching Charity

My oldest two kids are Destiny ( age 9, 4th grade ) and Alexzander ( age 10, 5th grade ). My husband and I wanted to take the time to teach them the importance of giving and charity work. Both of them have helped in the past at different volunteer projects but we wanted them to have a more hands on lesson.

We sat down as a family and decided that they should run their own fundraiser for a local charity. After some discussion, they picked The Marion County Humane Society.  They have spent a lot of time out there, playing with the kitties and petting the dogs. We actually adopted our dog, Charlie, from the shelter two years ago.

( The day we brought Charlie home. ) 


After picking what charity they wanted to help, they set to work with how they would reach their goals. Destiny is an aspiring artist and she wanted to use her skills to help. Her goal is $500 and she is making that money by selling hand painted mugs ( custom greeting cards coming soon! ).


She has sold many mugs and they are inching their way closer to their money goal!! She is doing an amazing job.

Alexzander is enjoying learn to bake, that is how he wanted to particiapate in the fundraiser. He made a list of items and each time someone donates something from their list, he bakes them a batch of chocolate chip cookies or banana bread.

His list - 

3 large bags of dog food ( Goal met!! ) 
3 small bags of dog ( only need 1 more to meet their goal ) 
5 bags of cat food ( only need 3 more to meet their goal ) 
3 tubs of cat litter
5 boxes of cat treats ( only need 4 more to meet their goal ) 
5 boxes of dog treats ( 1 more needed to meet their goal ) 
3 toy bones
3 squeaky toys


They have already made several donations and their items list is slowly being completed! They have done a wonderful job so far and we are extremely proud of them! They were even featured in our local news paper.

I made them a facebook page, you can follow their progress here.

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