Sunday, September 11, 2016

Good bye summer, Hello Fall!

Summer 2016 was filled with a lot of reading, swimming, outside fun and little trips for the Walter's family. I am a summer loving person, so I am a tad sad to see it go but fall is sure to bring a lot of fun for us as well. 

We do school year round but our summer schedule is a little more relaxed and has more fun activities compared to the rest of the year. We did three summer reading programs this year.  Two of them at local libraries and a reading bingo we did at home.
Amelia turned five and was able to get her own library card!



We spent  a lot of time in the pool. Pretty much whenever the water was nice and warm, they were swimming.

They had a blast at VBS and Alex and Destiny both went to kids camp this year.

Of course their were fun trips to the park, zoo, camping, living history farms, adventure land and more.

A lot of fun family time. That was really the highlight of the summer for me, just being together. There were summer walks, smores, garden planting, exploring, cooking, baking, ice cream trips and just enjoying the wonderful summer.

So good bye summer 2016! You gave us a lot of memories and we are looking forward to the fun fall is going to bring us. Apple picking trips, canning, jumping in the leaves, trick or treating and so much more!

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