Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Just a little update

I did not post a meal plan, nor have I been following the ones I did for a few months now because we have been having some medical issues with our oldest child.

Alexzander, who just turned ten in April, has been having digestive issues most of his life. They seem to have come to a peak lately and we have been trying to figure out what the cause is. Unfortunately, we still do not have answers.

My first thought was the he has Celiac, he has many of the symptoms. We tried an elimination diet and had him tested. It made no difference and his test came back negative. He had a physical and my doctor recommended that we see the dietitian. Between his physical and the dietitian, he was having a very bad day, we ended up taking him to an after hours clinic and they gave him an xray. He was very constipated, we have been working on making sure he is regulated since.

A few days after the xray, he has his appointment with the dietitian. She evaluated him and her suspicion was that he had a dairy allergy. So for around a month, we did the elimination diet for dairy and just recently he was tested for  allergies to dairy and eggs. Both came back negative, we added dairy back to his diet and he has not had problems with them.

As of now, we are just giving him a break. Unless he starts having a lot of pain or other issues, we are letting him be for at least a couple weeks before we start making more appointment. I believe the next step will be a scope.

My biggest suspicion at this point is either IBS or Chorn's. Right now we are just waiting and seeing how he does.

In the mean time, I will be posting meal plans again.


  1. Hi Whitney. I am not sure if you remember me, my name is Melony and I met you on a diaper board quite a few years ago. I am so sorry to read this about Alexzander. We have children with similar issues. It turns out that they have a rare disease inherited from me. It is a sub-type of Mast Cell Disease. One of our kids will be scoped in the very near future to biopsy for eosinophils. Both of these conditions are pretty rare and often missed by doctors :( I have suffered my entire life. There is a simple blood test for mast cell issues. They would check the tryptase levels present in his blood. Just thought I would mention it. I know it is so frustrating. Take Care.

  2. Thank you so much!
    I will write this down, I am compiling a list!!



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