Friday, May 6, 2016

Bonke Food Jar Review

I recently had the opportunity to review a Bonke Food Jar. I purchased the brown one and have been using it as a snack jar.

I love the design of this jar. The doughnut top is adorable and all my kids really like it. It is BPA free, leak proof and the lid is easy enough to remove that even my four year old can do it.

I fill my jar with different snacks for when we are on the go. We have used it for trail mix, crackers, fruit and more. I fill it, screw the lid on, and stick it in my bag. Perfect container  for busy families that still want to bring a healthy snack with!

The jar holds 12 oz and what you can use it for is limitless. It is great for snacking, adding to a lunch bag, can hold liquids and solids. Very multi purpose and super cute!

I would recommend this to all my mom friends!

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