Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It's been awhile

I can't believe how long it has been since I sat down and blogged. We have been busy and I have just fallen out of the habit of sitting down to write. Recently, I decided to change that I am I have made a goal to post once a week.

I am sure you noticed that I completely revamped the look of the blog and added new pictures. It was long over due, the most recent pictures were a year old already. The kids have grown and changed so much! Our youngest is already a year and a half old. She no longer looks like a baby. It seems like one day just not that long ago she woke up and had lost that baby look.

Life has been busy here at the Walters home! I want to take some time to give a little update on everyone!

Chris and I had our tenth anniversary this year! It does not seem like it was that long ago that we got married!

Alex turned nine this year. 

He is big into minecraft, pokemon and power rangers. He spends his days reading ( favorite series right now is diary of wimpy kid ), playing with his friends, he is a boyscout, playing games on his tablet, playing minecraft and just enjoying life.
This was his first year that he was able to go to summer camp through out church. He loved it and had an amazing time! The team he was on won second place for most points ( earned from answering questions and good behavior ), he was in a play ( he played the mighty David ) and I was told he was so sweet he earned the name camp sweetheart. I just love this boy.

Destiny turned eight this year.

She is very much so a girly girl. Love all things pink and sparkly. Over the summer she has come leaps and bounds in her reading, I think she is about ready for some chapter books and she is very excited about this. She spends her time coloring, playing with friends, loves to be outside, enjoys helping in the garden, crafts and is in tumbling. She is a very good helper and growing up into a lovely young lady!

Kairi turned six this year. 

She enjoys being outside, playing with friends, I think she would live at the zoo or in the pool if we let her,  loves being at church and has changed so much in the last year. You may remember from older posts that Kairi has lead poisoning when she was younger. We have been dealing with this issue for many years and I swear turning six just flipped a switch in her. She is just so different lately.
She loves learning, we have been working on reading and writing over the summer. She just soaks up every minute of it. 

Amelia turned four this year.

She is following in her oldest sister footsteps. She loves pink, girly things and shoes. Her favorite thing is frozen and sings Let it go all day long. She started doing some preK work this year and is learning very fast. She loves friends, being outside, the pool and coloring.
Picking flowers is one of her most favorite past times. She does not care what kind of flower, just likes to pick them and make presents for people she loves.

Cassandra turned one this year. 

She is a shy girl. She loves to play outside, being with her family and climb on everything. Since learning to walk, she has also learned to climb like you would not believe. She gets on the kitchen table, computer desk and anything else she can get on.
She loves chocolate, music and the swings at the park. She is not very outgoing but that is okay. She is very much so a mommy's girl and not very fond of going places she does not know. She is my little cuddle bug.

Make sure to check back once a week for new posts!

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  1. I love it! And honestly, I didn't even recognize your blog when I clicked on it because of the new look. :-)



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