Friday, April 11, 2014

So glad to see spring.

Winter was hard on the Walters family. Between Kairi not being able to go outside due to her allergy and the fact that it was a bitter winter, the kids have been cooped up for far to long. Indoor play areas can only hold their appeal for some many trips, my kids needed to get outside and be wild.

The weather has FINALLY broken! I am so beyond happy to see spring flowers coming up, have the weather stay above freezing at night and actually be able to wear flip flops again.

We have been out enjoying the weather every day. The kid's moods are improving and they are sleeping better at night ( which is a great thing for me ).

Anyway, on to the point of this post.

We are doing a plant science project this spring and summer with the kids. I plan to document it in pictures and post about it here.

At this time we are planning on doing -

A mini garden ( already started tomato seedlings in the house and we will start a couple other plants over the weekend )
A pumpkin patch ( already started, I just threw a pumpkin from last year over in the corner. We have done this before. )
Plus a lot of the things I have pinned on this board -

Be prepared to see a lot of posts and pictures!

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