Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Milk spoils

I just bought my daughter a shirt that says milk spoils, babies don't. This purchase came to be after listening to people telling me over and over again that holding my babies to much will spoil them. I always told people this in response.

I have five children, ranging in age from eight years to two months. I have held all of them a lot, never made them CIO and co slept with all of them. I stand firm in saying, you can not spoil your infant, a baby can not be held to much and the comfort of a mother is what your baby needs.

Your baby is going to be spoiled, they are crying you to manipulate you.
- Actually a baby is crying because they have a need. You may not always understand that need but that does not make it any less of a need. Your baby can not talk to you and tell you why they are upset, crying is their only way to tell you that they need you. Research shows you can not spoil an infant by holding them.
- Think of it this way. Your baby spent the first nine months of life in your womb, always attached to you, hearing your voice and heartbeat. Your baby needing you is normal and healthy. Your baby is comforted by your voice, your smell, your touch and the sound of your heart beating. You are your child's whole world.
- Everything outside of the womb is new to your baby. At times life can be very overwhelming and they are crying to tell you that. They are crying to say, " Hey mom, I am upset and I need your touch. I need to know all is okay and you are what makes me feel this way. "
- Being fed, not in pain, warm and dry are not your babies only need. Babies need touch, they need their moms. You can not hold your baby to much.
- Different articles have shown why crying it out is not good for your baby. Take the time to read the links in the highlighted words.
- I personally have had two very needy babies. I know what it is like to have a baby that wants you all the time. I know how exhausting it is and stressing it can be. I understand not sleeping, missing showers and feeling extremely overwhelmed. I have been there and am still there with my newest child. That said, I still would never let my baby lay there and cry for me. They are only a baby for so long, once that time is gone, you can never get it back.

Cassandra is still not big enough to wear her new shirt but I plan on having her wear it with pride. Remember everyone, milk spoils, babies don't. Go your child, hold them and never let anyone make you feel like you are doing something wrong by holding your infant.

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