Monday, June 25, 2012

The first year

My baby is one! Where did the last year go, I can not believe I have had my little girl with me for 365 days. When I look at that number it seems so much longer then it feels. Her first year of life seemed to fly by and I am sitting here wishing I could go back and have more time. More newborn moments, more first smiles just more time. I do not want to admit that first year is already gone.
Amelia has been a perfect addition to our family. The kids adore her, she is sweet, happy and easy going. She blended in so easily it hard to think of a time when she was not with us. She has been a dream baby. Always smiling, laughing and just being a little angel.
Amelia, mama loves you more then you could ever imagine. My sweet little baby girl I wish you a very happy birthday and look forward to watching you as you continue to grow and amaze us all.

Here is a look back at her first year with us-

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