Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just a small update

I can not believe how fast this year seems to be going! I guess in a way time flying is kind of a good thing. My husband only has 1 month left before he reaches the 90 day mark and will get hired on full time, which means a raise and insurance. Life has been pretty quiet the last month. Luckily no more health issues or scares since Kairi's hospital stay in March. Alex did turn 6 on the 18th. It is hard for me to believe my oldest and only son is six already. He is growing up so fast. Summer seems to be getting an early start here in Iowa. The weather has been kind of crazy to be honest. One day is in spring weather, the next it is above 80 and we need to turn the air conditioner on. The kids are enjoying the early heat wave. We have been able to break out the sprinkler and water guns early. We are planning on getting the garden tilled this weekend and getting stuff planted. I love gardening so I am looking forward to this. We already have a couple little pumpkin plants since we through our pumpkin over by the garden area last fall and it decided to give us pumpkin plants. We are also planting tomatoes, summer squash, onions, green beans and peas. I am undecided on what else just yet. Well I guess that is really all for now. I have some other things I would like to write about but those are for another post :)

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