Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kairi was in the hospital

Kairi had an overnight hospital stay this week after she decided she needed to see what icy hot tasted like, I would not know from personal experience but I would not imagine it tasted great or what her poor mouth felt like after!
I called poison control right away and they told me I needed to get her seen right away. I took her to the ER and they admitted her for observation.
Kairi had to have an IV, which made her less then happy. Plus they had to draw blood to check her aspirin level. Apparently one of the main ingredients of icy hot is aspirin and aspirin poisoning is very dangerous to children.
We got lucky, the first draw showed a barely elevated level, the second was even lower so they did not have to draw anymore blood.
Kairi had a rough night, she did not like the IV in her arm, she was upset about staying in the hospital and the nurses had to wake her up every hour to check on her. She was a very happy girl to come home in the morning.
The first thing I did when we got home was go into the bathroom and remove all medicines. They will be living in my closet, in a tote on the top shelf until kids are old enough not to do something like this again.

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