Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kairi might have lead poisoning

I found out yesterday that my two year old daughter might have lead poisoning. Her level from the finger prick was 40. I am taking her in for a blood draw tomorrow.

I am pretty worried right now. We are not sure where the lead poisoning is coming from. She does like to put things in her mouth still. I have gone through her toys and nothing was recalled that I have found so far. She does put dirt and things in her mouth outside and it could be from that. Especially since my husband is currently scrapping our house. The house is very old, remodeled on the inside but there could be left over lead paint on the outside still.

I will know more tomorrow when I take her in, in the mean time I am trying not to freak to much!

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  1. your little one will be in my thoughts! I hope everything turns out well!



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