Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The daily life of a stay at home mom

If you are a stay at home mom I am sure you have had at least one person ask, " what do you do all day?" Well this post is my answer to that question.

I am a stay at home mom, my usual day starts with one or more children jumping on me to wake me up way to early, especially since they had me up way to late. If the usual saying mommy in my ear about thirty times does not get me up fast enough for their liking they will start opening my eyes and announcing " wake up mommy, it is morning time". I then drag myself out of bed, get the already rowdy kids some breakfast ( did I mention I am not a morning person ) and turn on a cartoon, hoping for a few more minuets of peace before the day goes on, this rarely happens.
After they have eaten their breakfast and I have chased them around the living room or kitchen several times trying to wipe them off the older two usually will go into their playroom for awhile and the baby spends some time playing with her toys in the nursery. On a good day I only have to break up a couple fights on a bad day I am breaking up more fights the average bar bouncer.
If they are playing nicely I usually take this time to wash some dishes, do some laundry or vacuum. The thing about having three young kids and a dog in the house is that their is never a lack of something to clean and there really is never enough time to clean everything.
Soon it is time for lunch, we sit at the kitchen table, eat our lunch and then usually make something for dessert, on a lazy day I grab a popsicle, on a more ambitious day I have two very helpful little chefs that love to make cookies, cakes brownies and more. By the time we are done baking my kitchen would be enough to give the British ladies from that one house cleaning shows a night mare but listening to my little chefs giggle with excitement while helping me is well worth the clean up afterward.
In the afternoon we do many different things depending on the day. Our usual activities include, coloring, preK homeschooling, playing together, watching cartoons together ( I know every song in Kai-lan, mickey mouse and dora by heart ), outside activities and so much more. While the oldest kids are coloring or doing something else fairly quiet I get the youngest to nap and pray the house stays quiet enough for her to sleep for a good amount of time.
My evenings include cooking dinner, more cleaning, bath time, story time and trying to wrangle the kids into bed.
That is a brief over view of an average day in my house. While some days are calmer then others and I do have time to sit around doing nothing that is a pretty rare thing. On average I do a million things a day.
I am a cook and believe me when I say toddlers can be worse then food critics.
I am a nurse and doctor. A kiss from mommy is a miracle potion for bumps and bruises.
I am a professional entertainer and multi talented at that. Some days I am a singer, other days a dancer and always a story teller.
I am a teacher and councilor. I have to teach them not only manners, morals and education but I also have to to remember they are watching me and learning from how I act.
I am a coach and a team mate. Sometimes I am the one teaching about the sport or game and other times I am learning new rules that did not exists a few moments prior.
I am a stay at home mom, I work long hours, get no vacation or sick days, spend most of my time discussing board books and singing along to cartoons and while my days are long and at times my nerves get fried I know I have the best job in the world. My breaks are filled with cuddle time with the best kids in the world, my bonus' are finger paintings and color pages and no other job will pay you in the best slobbery kisses and sticky hugs.


  1. Amen! I've been saying all of that for two years now! Haha. Where is our day off? Just kidding....I don't need one. Like you hear them laugh and giggle about something as silly as cooking with mommy is well worth the lack of pay, and no days off. :P

  2. I often look back and wonder where my days's such a wonderfully crazy job, isn't it?



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