Friday, October 16, 2009

My favorite pocket diapers

If I had to choose only one diaper to make up my whole collection it would be BG OS. They fit so well and the MF inserts that I bought from work wonderfully. I was a little leery of the one sized diapers at first. I did not think the same diaper that fit my 26lb two year old would really fit my 14lb 3 month old but they do! They can be a little more pricey to buy new, I have bought or traded for all mine off FSOT on

My next favorite would be knickernappies. I have only used these in a large and I know they work wonderfully for Destiny. I have the side snapping diapers which can be interesting to get on a two year old who never wants to sit still but I really do love them other wise.

I love the diaperchange pockets also, not only do they work really well but they have some super adorable prints!

I have have many other diapers but those are my top three favorite pockets for sure!

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