Friday, October 16, 2009

Let me introduce myself

Let me start of my new blog by introducing myself and what I hope this blog to become.

My name is Whitney, I am married to my best friend in the world and I am a stay at home mom to my three beautiful child

Chris and I were married 7-9-09 and we wanted to start our family right away. Our son Alexzander, was conceived on our honeymoon.
He was born 4-18-06. Only a few short months later we were dealt a blow, he had been born with a rare condition called craniosynitosis, basically meaning he had no or little soft spot and it was affecting the growth of his head. Luckily for us it was a milder form and would only require one surgery to correct. It was a hard time for us but we made it through. He is now three years old and besides a scar on his head you would never even know!

Our second child, Destiny was born a short 15 months after our son. She joined our family on 8-4-07. She is our strong willed little girl, we love her to pieces but she does know how to test anybodies patience level!

Our newest addition to the family is Kairi, she was born on our fourth wedding anniversary 7 -09- 09. Her brother and sister simply adore her and we love watching the way they all act together.

Before my oldest was born I did a lot of reading on different parenting styles and we soon came to find the we seem to fit best into the AP style, while we may not be as crunchy as some people out there we do enjoy the AP life.

My hopes for this blog is to write about my life has a mom, to post things that are important to me as a mother and maybe just maybe help other mothers by doing so.


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