Friday, March 11, 2016

When Someone Gets It

Let me set the scene for you, five kids in a grocery store, ages nine, eight, six, four and two. The six year old and four year old are pushing there own little carts, ramming you in the heel multiple, multiple times. The two year old is screaming bloody murder because she wants an apple and even though you sent the nine year old up front to buy an apple that she can eat while we shop, he is just not fast enough for her. I am not talking a little whine, I am talking full on screaming pterodactyl shrieking.
That was me today at Trader Joe's and I know I am not alone, every single mom has been here and even though we all have, it is a very lonely place to be. You feel singled out and judged. I had a screaming two year old on one hip, sore heels after being hit by a mini cart nine times ( not joking, I actually have bruises on both heels right now ), a whiny four year old that does not want to wait for her brother to buy an apple for her sister and I feel like joining my toddler in her melt down.
In that moment, it took one kind gesture to make me feel so much better. One kind gesture to let me know, I am not alone, people get it and it is okay.
An employee of Trader Joe's walks up with a small boutique of flowers, hand them to me and says they are for me, from everyone at Trader Joe's, They know being a mom is hard and just wanted me to know it was okay.

Thank you Trader Joe's for understanding that this mom stuff can be hard. Thank you for making me feel welcome and valued even though my toddler was being naughty.


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