Sunday, February 14, 2016

Small spaces, big family - Girl's room redo

We are a family of seven, living in a 1,500 square foot house. Space is always an issue and the area we seem to struggle the most with is our girl's bedroom.
We have an old home, over 100 years old. The upstairs was an attic so we have slanted ceilings which makes it hard to put up storage.
We have been trying to come up with ideas for the room upstairs for awhile. Currently, we have an eight year old, six year old and four year old sharing the room. So, we needed to have room for toys and clothes.
Over a year ago we decided to buy captains beds for the girls, which freed up so much space since we no longer had a need for dressers. An added bonus was they could no longer stick all their clutter under their beds.

After a lot of thinking, planning and searching we came up with what we wanted. We picked pink and grey for colors, butterflies for a decoration theme.

I had a budget of $300 to redo their room and I was able to do it for $285! I shopped a lot of sales and used several decorations we already had.
Here is a list of what we needed to buy -
$10 grey sheets for Kairi's bed
$30 for a new blanket and sheet for Destiny's bed
$26 for curtains
$8 curtain rod
$60 paint
$5 butterfly decorations ( found at garage sale, brand new )
$1 vinyl saying for closet
$10 live, laugh, love and butterfly stick ons
$12 painting
$6 frames ( already had the prints )
$ 18 baskets
$2 hardware
$26 wire baskets for closet
$11 hoodie rack for closet
$8 over the door shoe holder
$6 stuffed animal holder
$8 flower stick ons
$38 dress up trunk/bench

The butterfly shelf was something I made for Destiny when she was a baby. It used to hang in her nursery.  The painted flowers are also something we had that was from Kairi's nursery. We also had all the supplies for the initial art, it was an art project we did awhile ago so all we had to do was glue them to a canvas.  We also already had the name art, they were gifts from their Grandma and we just needed to frame them. Using that stuff saved us a lot on decorations.

Here is the before picture of their room.

We spent all weekend cleaning and painting. Destiny  and Alex went on a trip with their Grandparents so we took that time to redo the room, as a surprise to Destiny.

One of the biggest complaints I had was toy storage. Nothing seemed to work, plastic drawers just got dumped and those sets of drawers were ugly and did not function the way I liked. We found a post on toy storage and hanging baskets right on the wall.

We worked and worked for three days straight. We went through all the toys, we parted with things they no longer played with, pulled out some outgrown or unloved clothes and sent it all to donation. By the time we were done we parted with a doll house ( this was sold and the money was used to buy a larger doll house that would work for barbies ), toy horses, a doll chair, some dolls, barbies and just small random toys. Clothing wise, we filled up a garbage sack worth.

We finished the room the room the day Destiny was coming back.


My girls are very happy with their new room. They have even been picking up each night before bed because they want to keep it looking nice. 

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