Sunday, September 14, 2014

To Max

Dear Max,

I write this with tears streaming down my face, my heart is so broken, you can never be replaced.

You were my friend, loyal companion and pet. I loved every single moment I had with you. Although we had many years, I longed for many more. You have only been gone a day but I already miss you so much. 

You were my walking buddy, late night t.v. pal, my fur baby. When we first got you, I thought you need me but really I needed you.

 photo DSCN4798_zps1d0f7660.jpg

If love could have determined how long you would live, you would have lived forever. I loved you so much, you left paw prints on my heart. You will never be forgotten, even though we had to part.

I had to let you go, I did what was best for you. I had to let you take your walk to heaven, I know you are now playing, happy and no longer in pain. Rest in peace my furry friend, I will never be the same.

So much love,

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