Monday, January 9, 2012

Finding time?

I started a part time job over the summer and I am having a really hard time finding the balance I used to have when I was a stay at home mom. It is funny how 20 hours a week can totally screw up my schedule at home.

I am struggling to find time for everything is my life. My kids come first but I still want time to read, knit, craft and be on the internet. I am finding that in order to get some balance in my life some things are just going to have to go.

I am cutting back on games on face book. I had gotten kind of bored with them anyway so it really does not break my heart. I might still play one or two but for the most part I am just done with them. I am cutting back on time of the computer all together. Since I am working in the afternoons my morning and evenings need to be spent doing other things. I need to spend more time one the kids schooling, baking more items and now that Amelia is eating solids I am making all her food.

After my kids are in bed I will split the few hours I get between the other things I like to do. Hopefully this will help me find the balance I need.

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