Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yes I am THAT mom

You know the mom I am talking about. The mom that has screaming children in the grocery store, the mom that has spit up on her shoulder, the mom that is over protective about everything, the weird mom that loves cloth diapers and all things home made. Yes I am that mom and I am proud.

Being a stay at home mom and that fact that I do not always want to wait for weekends or ten o'clock at night to go to the store I do often take all three kids with me to the store and while mostly they are good we have had our fair share of grocery store melt downs. Most recently we were at Wal mart and Alexzander was walking to close to the end caps, he turned around to talk to me and scratched his shoulder on the corner of one, this added to the fact that he was over tired after playing at the park that day turned into a way over the top crying episode. The old women walking by gave me the look of death and I simply ignored her. Go ahead and judge me and my kids based on a moment of the day, I do not know you and I really do not care what you think.

It does not seem to matter how often I change, my clothes always end up dirty. Kairi is getting teeth right now, so not only is she slobbery more then the average bull dog but she spends a lot of the day on my shoulder. Since I already have laundry that seems to multiply like rabbits I do not want to change a dozen times a day so yes I have been in public more then once with drool all over my shoulder. I chalk it up to a mark of motherhood.

As for the over protective mother, yes I openly admit I am THAT mom. I watch my children like a hawk when we are in public, I have been known to parent another child ( you push my kid down at the park you better believe I will give you a mouth full ) and I spend far to much time researching everything that involves my kids. Some may think this is over the top protective behavior, that is okay with me.

I love my cloth diapers, I have openly admitted that even if they never saved me a dime I would keep using them. While I do not really do it for the saving the planet aspect ( it is just an added plus because I know God called us to care for his planet ), honestly I do it now because they are adorable, yes I am a cloth diaper addict. I also openly admit that I am that mom that would rather have all my kids clothes home made, I even have been known to have my girls wear the old time bonnets because I think they are adorable. I love home made toys, I love home made just about everything, yes I am that mom and once again, I am proud.

I have come to the point in my life where I know other people ( especially other mothers ) are judging every aspect of my parenting style and I say judge away. I will proudly wear the badge of THAT mom if it means I have happy, healthy and safe children.

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  1. GOOD FOR YOU!!! You know I have noticed that people are so ready to judge the way you do things and they are so open about it. There are so many times I want to tell that judger to come to my house and take care of my twins by themselves and we will see how they handle things.



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