Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I have found it - the best rash cream of all time

I am a sucker for WAHM cd safe products and I love trying something new but I have now found my rash cream, I have become loyal to rump rub from http://www.liloutlaws.net/

The rub not only works amazingly well but it smells so good. Never in my life have I been more tempted to eat something that is designed to rub on my babies bottom!

Last winter my whole family was suffering from a horrible stomach bug and middle child seemed to have it the worst. Not only was she sick but because of how sick she was she got a horrible rash. She has very sensitive skin and nothing seemed to be helping, I tried two other creams first, all she did is scream until I wiped it off. Finally I tried rump rub, she did not scream and it helped immensely.

The owner, Jacklen Taylor is a very sweet mama, easy to work with and has excellent customer service. I highly recommend her product!


  1. Have you tried it in your cds and there's no residue? Nice!

  2. Yeah I use it all the time. Right now we have fruity pebbles, which smells amazing.



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