Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why goodwill rocks

Until recently I had not done much shopping at goodwill, I love thrift stores but for some reason just never really did much looking at good will.

Recently I went there and I was very happy with the out come. I was out shopping with my mom, looking for shelves and other items to upcycle.

I found a white shelf with glass doors that I am in the middle of painting, a like new sweater for Destiny, a pair of thick winter tights for Destiny and four like new hard back Dr Sues books for Alexzander, I walked out spending about twelve dollars.


  1. Hi mama! I found your blog on DS:) just wanted to add that I also LOVE Goodwill! I wish there were one close to me, I used to go all the time in college and that was where I did all of my "back-to-school" wardrobe shopping growing up. Nothing like an awesome find at Goodwill to make your day!

  2. I'm a DS mama just stopping by. The goodwill here smells all the time and is so dirty looking. On top of that their is never anything :( booo, but I do like thirft stores

  3. I found most of my maternity clothes there! I love Goodwill! (DS-mama Cara)



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